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All the benefits of stalking. Less crouching in bushes.

‘Battlefield V’

November 20th 2018
The stories of women fighting during World War II have often been overlooked so I’m hugely honoured to have been invited to lend my voice to one of them in this hotly anticipated FPS by EA DICE.

The recording sessions for this were a wonderful challenge in every way you’d expect – one moment harrowing, the next triumphant. I hope that players enjoy fighting alongside me and I can’t praise EA DICE enough for sticking to their guns, giving players a fun and inclusive experience and continuing to tell stories that people might not have been expecting to hear.

‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”

October 5th 2018
I was thrilled to be asked to join the (predominantly genuinely Greek) cast to provide some background voices for this latest chapter in the Assassin’s Creed story.

From drunken flirting to terrifying battle roars, we explored everything that ancient Greece had to offer during these recording sessions!

‘Pathfinder: Kingmaker’

September 25th 2018
Based on the popular pen-and-paper Paizo RPG, this game from Owlcat Games and Deep Silver has been hotly anticipated by tabletop and video gamers alike. I’m incredibly excited to announce that I had the honour of bringing the role of Nyrissa to life – a powerful nymph and a huge part of your journey through the Stolen Lands.

Those who’ve played the original pen-and-paper version will certainly know who I’m talking about… but they may get a little more than they expect once they finally meet her. There’s more to this lady than meets the eye…

With the awesome Chris Avellone as narrative designer, alongside the rest of an alarmingly talented writing team, you’re certainly in for one hell of an adventure.


EGX2018 Rezzed Session – The Secrets of Voice Acting

September 24th 2018
We had a great time being interviewed on the main stage last year so I was pretty chuffed that EGX invited me and Jay Britton back again for EGX 2018!

Hosted by the lovely Katharine Castle from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, we nattered about our experiences in the industry, answered some interesting questions from devs and actors in the audience… and possibly traumatised a few people with stories about the unexpected effects of a heatwave.

‘The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep’

September 18th 2018
This gorgeous first-person RPG by InXile Entertainment is out today and I can come along with you on your journey as the voice of the ‘Bemused’ female player character.

She’s not sure where she is or why she’s there and she may have had a tipple or two… in short, she’s a rather amusing character to accompany you through the beautiful world of Skara Brae and beyond! I also pop up as a couple of other characters along the way. Bonus points if you can guess which ones they are.



September 14th 2018
Grab your friends. Explore the stars. TRY NOT TO SET THE SHIP ON FIRE.

I play all the female characters in this one, babbling in a made-up language as your ship’s computer Buttons (who’s perhaps a little too excited by data and death) and all sorts of strange and sinister characters that you’ll meet along the way. Get ready to learn the true meaning of co-operation when the game launches on September 28th!

Don’t bother screaming, though. Nobody can hear you out here.


Interview on the VO School podcast

August 2nd 2018
I recently had the pleasure of joining fellow actors Dave Fennoy and Jay Britton on the VO School Podcast, nattering about how we got into acting for videogames, how you can too, training, demos, mocap… and, somewhat inexplicably, beans (I swear it makes sense eventually).

‘Dirty Bomb’

June 7th 2018
Here’s one for all you FPS fans. London’s been wrecked and it’s up to you and your team of merc misfits to fight it out for control and resources.

I play Mia, MercServ’s snarky combat liaison, who talks players through various skills to make sure that they don’t hit the streets unprepared. The game’s currently in beta but keep an eye out… like the dirty bomb itself, 1.0 may hit when you least expect it…

Training videos

‘Du Lac and Fey: Dance of Death’

April 27th 2018
This week I was at Pinewood recording my roles for this gorgeous upcoming narrative adventure title, set in the heart of London during the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders.

My main characters in this couldn’t be more different: Charlotte’s a bawdy, ambitious prostitute while Violet is an… activist of sorts. Serious and heartfelt at times and outright hilarious at others, I can’t express what a joy this was to work on. My face ached from laughing for hours after I’d left the studio.

Head down to Whitechapel and meet them for yourselves when the game launches later this year.



April 5th 2018
You’ll soon be able to hear me playing all the female characters in this stunning dystopian city-building survival game where heat is life and every (possibly morally dubious) decision you make will shape the society you’re helping to survive. Oh good lord, would you look at those stunning graphics? *drools*

Wrap up warm and get that generator running when the game launches on the 24th of April.